Gaytos Consulting has the LEADERSHIP experience to drive your organization to confront the challenging, changing, and complex cardiovascular information systems environment.

Heart MagicTechnology has created, self-monitoring, CVD prevention and screening solutions, combined with tools that make real-time diagnosis easier and individualized treatment possible.  These tools can allow patients to be more active in their care plan and clinical teams more efficient and effective throughout the patient journey. These advanced technologies and information management systems enable departments to (a) streamline workflows; (b) adopt new techniques, processes and procedures faster; (c) and leverage rich clinical data to elevate care and the patient experience for those suffering from acute, critical and chronic cardiac conditions.


With these new technologies and information systems lies the core challenges for an organization.

  • Do you have in-house expertise to manage and guide teams of clinicians and cardiologists to champion efforts such as structured reporting across an enterprise?
  • Do you believe adding a important major specialized enterprise wide initiative to the workload of your staff project manager will yield positive RESULTS in the time-frame you want?

The following are paramount to the success of your cardiovascular information system (CVIS) project/program:

  • Choosing  a Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS)
  • Choosing a Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (CVPACS) or Enterprise Archive solution
  • Understanding the department’s clinical workflow, how the technology will impact your clinicians and cardiologists for an optimal implementation.
  • Understanding the challenges of the structured reporting effort in your cardiology service lines and how to be more successful in your initiative.

In the best case scenario, a CVIS program is challenging to implement because of various service lines and their departmental needs. Thus, CVIS is NOT a one-size fits all implementation, and having the right experience and knowledge to avoid pitfalls is beneficial.

The ever-changing technology that comes with these CVIS applications that enhance workflows, with the appropriate leadership can and will improve patient care and your cardiologist’s satisfaction. Implementation of servers, data-centers, disaster recovery and business continuance systems, data migrations and management, Citrix, EMR, HL7 interfacing, and reporting are key components in understanding the CVIS technical implementation.

Business with HeartEnter Gaytos Consulting: LEADERSHIP consulting with heart, our staff has the proven EXPERIENCE and expertise to guide, assist, and manage your team of clinicians, cardiologists, IT, the host of various internal teams and your vendor of choice in the challenging world of CVIS/CVPACS to improve patient care and cardiologist satisfaction. From requirements, RFP, staffing, project planning to go-live, we can help you achieve RESULTS with choosing the ideal CVIS solution to implementing your chosen CVIS solution and program/project.

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